Do Contact Lens Solutions Really Make a Difference?

“Does it matter which contact lens solution I use?” is the most common question I get regarding lens care. 

I would have to say, I frequently hear from my patients that they use “Target Brand” or “Costco Solution” for use with their contact lenses in the disinfection, conditioning, and storage processes.  Just as many say, however, that they use “the green bottle” (Opti-free) or “ReNu.”  There are several other brands filling the contact lens section of your local market or drug store. 

So, how do you choose which solution is the best?  Now I’d like to think you took our advice at your last office visit and went with the solution we sampled to you.  I always discuss solutions, although maybe quite briefly some times, with patients typically at the end of their eye exam.  I have to admit that I wasn’t as particular in the past as I am now as to what solutions work the best.  My past concerns have been solely in disinfection effectiveness and providing good lens conditioning.  I also have to admit that I never felt there was a dramatic difference between the main leading brands.  All the company reps have discussed their products at length with me and,  proven through their studies, just how effectively their particular solution works.  I have been satisfied with their clinical studies, the FDA’s Clinical Trial results, and medical journal studies as well.  You see, that’s how boring I can be.  My wife looks over at me and I’m reading a journal article The clinical effectiveness of Complete Contact Lens Solution on Staph, “That’s a snorer” she always tells me.

Anyway, where was I going with this blog.  Oh yeah, does it matter which solution we use?  The answer is yes.  It can make a significant difference in your daily comfort from using a specific solution.  Now, I’m not sponsored by any solution company, nor have any incentive, whatsoever, to favor one product from the next.  (I think I have to say that-or should say it-so you know I’m not selling out for a buck)

I have been a big advocate of Opti-free, Re-Nu, new Bio-True, and Complete over the last several years.  I have found them all effective in proper lens care, with very rarely a problem or reaction to any of them.  But, I have had consistent praise from my patients over the last year from the solution Clear Care.  Clear Care is a hydrogen peroxide-based system used for disinfecting and conditioning contact lenses over a six-hour period.  Hydrogen peroxide systems have been around for decades (anyone remember AOSEPT?)

For months the Clear Care rep has been raving about the comfort his solution provides and I always felt “Yeah, yeah, all the reps say that about their solutions. Everyone’s is the best.”  But, then something started happening.  The patients that were using Clear Care reported greater comfort, less dryness, and the ability to wear their lenses for longer periods of time, especially those patients that complained of past problem dryness with their lenses.  These patients felt there was a significant improvement from other solutions that they had been using for years.

Well, I’ve been in practice about twenty years now and I have come to learn that the best clinical trial study available for my overall knowledge is the feedback from my own patients.  I have never had such a positive response from patients regarding contact lens solutions as I have from when patients switched to Clear Care.

I still recommend the big three solutions for patients having no comfort issues or complaints; they are slightly easier to use.  However, Clear Care has become a problem solver for those contact lens wearers looking for longer wearing times, less scratchiness and dryness, and lenses keeping that “new” feeling for the recommended life of the lens.

……Wait…..I have just had some very positive feedback from users of the brand new Alcon solution called Pure Moist.  I will let you all know how things pan out with this brand new, highly praised solution.


Thanks for reading,

Dr. David Rosenblum

Eyesite Optometry

Newport Coast and Cerritos, Ca.


About eyedocdavid

Dr. David Rosenblum, OD practices with his father Dr. Sy Rosenblum, OD in Cerritos and Newport Coast, Ca. Together, they operate Eyesite Optometry, a state-of-the-art optometric corporation focussing on patient care, customer service, and the largest collection of designer eyewear in the area.
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